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Gasketing Products

Gasketing Products

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Garlock® gasketing is offered in a wide range of materials, including GYLON® restructured PTFE, compressed fiber gasketing, GRAPH-LOCK® flexible graphite sheet, THERMa-PUR Extreme Temperature gasketing and high-performance rubber sheet products.

GYLON® is a time-tested proven product that is known throughout the industry as the material of choice for severe chemical services. In addition, GYLON® gasket size availability is virtually limitless, as the product can be thermally bonded using a patented process.

Garlock’s compressed fiber gasketing materials are manufactured using a proven technique referred to as the High Pressure Sheet (HPS) process. One thing that makes the Garlock product different from other HPS products is the way they are made using a proprietary non-VOC solvent which is environmentally friendly.

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