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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Acid Fume Scrubber

Acid Fume Scrubber

The 4-stage wet scrubbing system is the treatment program to use for NOX, SOX, and other corrosive fumes. This system uses the tower-type design to optimize the contact time of the fumes with the neutralizing agents. 

The unit is designed with a temperature resistant and non-corrosive polypropylene material. Also, it comes equipped with a pH monitoring system that is programmable to automatically determine the needed neutralizing solution to be used in the system.
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Product Features

• Improved Air Quality
• Enhanced Facility Cleanliness
• Environmental Responsibility
• Energy Savings

Product Details

The acid fume scrubber is the system to utilize when you need to efficiently capture, filter, and remove pollutants, dust, and airborne particles produced by industrial operations.

Product Dimensions

Model: FS-800, FS-1200, FS-1800, FS-2000

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