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Ansell ACTIVARMR® 28-359

Ansell ACTIVARMR® 28-359

The Ansell Activarmr® 28-359 is the Kevlar® reinforced nitrile glove with excellent oil and cut resistance for tough task. The excellent protection offered by this glove makes it great for heavyweight applications. 

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Product Features

• Nitrile Coating
• Kevlar® Reinforced
• Nitragold™ Cuff: Dirt, Oil, and Liquid-proof glove

Product Details

Recommended for:
• When handling metal sheets and panels
• When handling sharp and rough edge parts
• When handling structural and body components

Product Dimensions

Length: 256-277mm
Available Sizes: 8, 9, 10
Finishing: Fully Coated
Coating Material: Nitrile
Antistatic: Yes

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