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Bearing Isolators

Bearing Isolators

The bearing isolators of Garlock are your answer to solving the rotating equipment sealing challenges you face at work. The Klozure® line of bearing isolators are engineered with a labyrinth design to prevent ingress of contaminants and egress of lubrication.
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Product Features

• Great in high pressure situations
• Stops leaks from exiting equipment
• Available in FDA compliant materials
• Reduce equipment downtime and failure
• Wide-range of material available, fit for your application

Product Details

The bearing Isolators are found in the pump, motor, and gearboxes. These sealing materials are critical in ensuring uptime and reliability of your machines.

Keep them ready for operation all the time with Garlock's line of trusted sealing solutions like the:

Bearing Isolator:

• SGi®
• and more

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