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Bomb Calorimeter

Bomb Calorimeter

The SDAC1200 automatic isoperibol oxygen bomb calorimeter is used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles. It uses a Helix tube multi-point isothermal technology that creates a stable internal environment and prevent external factors from affecting results. 

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Product Features

• Automatic Bomb Raising & Lowering
• Automatic Oxygen Filling & Releasing
• Larger Heating Capacity
• Supports Two Ignition Method: Nickel Wire and Cotton Thread

Product Details

Product Dimensions

Bomb Volume: 250ml
Colorimeter Type: Isoperibol
Max. Bomb Pressure: 20Mp
Gas Requirement: 99.5% Oxygen
Water Requirement: Distilled Water
Precision (RSD): ≤0.05%
Dimension Main Body: 428 x 565 x 485
Dimension Water Tank: 220 x 565 x 410
Weight: 50 kg

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