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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Cupellation Furnace

Cupellation Furnace

The cupellation furnace utilizes a 2mm steel plate lined with high-quality refractory bricks and insulation. It uses an auto temperature control to ensure consistent thermals. Also, it can detect alarming temperature and signals and alarm to its user.

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Product Features

• Compatible with Multipour and Multiload Systems
• Fast and Accurate Temperature Control
• Consistent Stable Temperature with Auto Control
• Foot Pedal operated Door

Product Details

This electrical cupellation furnace is designed to put into account the safety of the operator with its foot pedal to operate the door.

Product Dimensions

Working Area(mm): 450 x 250 x 145
Heating Element: Silicon Carbide Element 12 pcs
Rated Temperature: 1200°C
Power: 11-20KW
Recommended Air Pressure: 0.4 - 0.5

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