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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Dräger BG ProAir

Dräger BG ProAir

The Dräger BG ProAir is a closed circuit breathing apparatus (CCBA) that stops hazardous substances from entering the system. The unit works by removing CO2 from exhaled breath and enrich the air with oxygen so you keep on going during tough situations. 

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Product Features

• The CCBA is Designed for Comfort in Long Missions
• Utilizes Ice System to Cool the Inhaled Air
• Resistant to Heat, Flame, and Chemicals
• Machine Washable for Ease of Cleaning

Product Details

Product Dimensions

Duration of Use: 240 minutes
Weight: 15.2kg
Size: 590mm x 400mm x 175mm
Oxygen Constant Dosage Rate: 1.5 l/min
Minimum Valve Rate: > 80 l/min
Bypass Valve Rate: >80 l/min

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