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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Dräger PSS® 3000

Dräger PSS® 3000

The Dräger PSS® 3000 offers high performance in tough situations. It is a self-contained breathing apparatus with an easy to don and doff feature. With its carbon composite frame, it is lightweight compared to your typical apparatus. 

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Product Features

• Integrated Hose Design
• Quick and Straightforward Maintenance
• Excellent Resistance to Heat, Abrasion, and Chemicals

Product Details

Product Dimensions

Dimension: 590mm x 290mm x 160mm
Weight: 2.70kg
Input Pressure (bar): 0 - 300
Nominal 1st Stage Output Pressure: 7.5
1st Stage Output Flow (l/min): >1000
LDV Output Flow (l/min): >400
Whistle Activation Pressure (bar): 50 - 60
Whistle Sound Level (dBA): >90

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