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Biobase Medical Drying Cabinet

Biobase Medical Drying Cabinet


The large capacity medical drying cabinet. This device allows you to dry reusable medical products and tools in its adjustable shelf. It offers a drying temperature of 40°C~80°C and drying time between 1 min ~ 999 min. 

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Product Features

• Great Air Circulation System to Ensure Uniform Temperature
• Quality Material with the 304 Stainless Steel
• Well-Insulated Design to Prevent Heat Loss
• Glass Window on Front Panel
• Excellent Capacity

Product Details

The Medical Drying Cabinet comes in different models for specific requirements. Get a quotation to know which fits your requirement.

Product Dimensions

Dimension: 950mm x 2170mm x 550mm
Temperature Range: 40~80C
Material: S30408

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