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Fuel Fired Pressure & Steam Washer

Fuel Fired Pressure & Steam Washer

Standard pressure washer models provide hot pressure washing, steam cleaning, and cold pressure rinse in one compact unit.


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Sioux is proud to manufacture natural gas, diesel and LP gas fired electric hot pressure washers. Sioux's conventional fuel fired pressure washers are available with an electric motor (standard fuel fired) or with a fuel fired engine (engine driven). All Dakota II pressure washers include the steam option. The steam option provides steam cleaning, hot pressure washing, and cold pressure rinse in one unit.

Engine driven hot water pressure washers are available as self-contained units with an integrated gasoline or diesel engine that provides power for both the pump and burner. These units are mounted on a heavy-duty skid or over the road trailer with added water tank. Engine driven pressure washers are excellent for cleaning at remote locations where there is no water, fuel, or electrical source.

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