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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

When you need to control all sorts of media, a butterfly valve is what you need. Garlock offers a wide range of available valves for different types of media. These butterfly valves are engineered for great accuracy and control when performing throttling and shut-off duties.
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Product Features

• Great for corrosive and abrasive media
• Reliable shut-off capabilities
• Excellent reliability in transport storage environments
• Sterile option available for pharma and food industries

Product Details

Garlock offers different types of butterfly valves for different applications.

Gar-Seal® the valve to use when corrosive, abrasive, and toxic media needs to be controlled.

Sterile-Seal® where sterility is a top priority.

Safety-Seal® is the choice when you want to handle media with electrostatic charges are present.

Mobile-Seal® reliable valves for mobile applications like road tankers, railway wagons, etc.

Product Dimensions

Various sizes: 2" up to 20" and more.

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