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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Hydromulch Tackifier

Hydromulch Tackifier

The Hydromulch Tackifier is a soil binding & hydro-colloidal fixative that improves water-holding and ground binding properties in your soil.  The solution is effective in securing together the different components (e.g. mulch) onto the soil giving you better results when revegetating an area.
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Product Features

• Binds all hydromulch systems to the soil and ground
• Reduces water usage and helps retain available moisture
• Reduces erosion and the effects of erosion
• Improve plant growth
• Soaks into the soil and binds together soil particles forming an aggregation process

Product Details

The Hydromulch Tackifier is available in two concentrated forms: Granular or Liquid. Both these medium can be slowly diluted into the hydromulching tank and then applied.

Product Dimensions

Flat Areas: 5-10kg per hectare
Slopes: 10-20kg per hectare

Flat Areas: 10-20L per hectare
Slopes: 20-40L per hectare

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