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Iwaki Test Tube without Rim

Iwaki Test Tube without Rim

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The Iwaki test tube variant without rim.

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Available: 10mm x 75mm
• 12mm x 75mm, 12mm x 90mm, 12mm x 105mm, 12mm x 120mm
• 13mm x 75mm, 13mm x 80mm, 13mm x 90mm, 13mm x 100mm
• 15mm x 75mm, 15mm x 85mm, 15mm x 90mm, 15mm x 105mm, 15mm x 150mm
• 16mm x 100mm, 16mm x 125mm, 16mm x 150mm
• 16.5mm x 105mm, 16.5mm x 165mm
• 18mm x 150mm, 18mm x 165mm, 18mm x 180mm
• 20mm x 150mm
• 21mm x 200mm
• 25mm x 150mm, 25mm x 200mm
• 30mm x 200mm

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