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KLOZURE® Mechanical Seals

KLOZURE® Mechanical Seals

Garlock's brand of mechanical face seals offers engineers a reliable way to handle abrasive, viscous or adhesive media in their system. The Klozure® mehcanical seals are custom designed to improve pump and mixer time between overhauls. 

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Product Details

The Klozure® line offers different products to fit your needs.

The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal variant offers customizable items to fit any work environment. The Klozure® GMP and PK Face Seals are the the type to choose when dealing with centrifugal pumps, high speed and thin media.

While in abrasive, viscous or adhesive media, the Klozure® Mechanical Seal with P/S Technology is the choice.

Product Dimensions

Customized to meet your requirement.

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