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Litharge (Gold Free)

Litharge (Gold Free)

The granular assay litharge is a chemically pure grade material used for the assaying process (precious metal quantitative determination). It is the purest form of litharge with a low maximum impurity levels. This type of material utilizes the a uniform particle size for better reactivity and consistency in reaction.
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Product Features

• 99.5% Minimum Lead Monoxide (PbO)
• Gold (Au) 1.5ppb (Maximum)
• Iron (Fe) 0.002% (Maximum)
• Free Metallic Lead (Pb) 0.04% (Maximum)
• Read Oxide Lead (Pb3O4) 0.05% (Maximum)

Product Details

The gold free assay litharge for assaying process. It has great reactivity and consistent reaction.

Product Dimensions

Molecular Weight: 223.21
Melting Point: 888°C
Form: Granular
color: Yellow/Orange

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