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LSA Bio-Degreaser

LSA Bio-Degreaser

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The LSA Bio-Degreaser is the  water based, biodegradable solution to grease and grime build up. It is utilizes water emulsifying properties to leave surfaces clean. It is non-flammable  and contains corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces after use. 

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Product Feature

• Water based
• Environmentally friendly
• Biodegradable
• Petroleum hydrocarbon FREE

Product Details

Introducing the quick break new age degreaser that is formulated to remove tough grime in mining operations.

The LSA Bio-Degreaser is pH neutral which eliminates environmental impact.

Also, it is a quick breaking degreaser which means it is able to separate, during the emulsion phase, water and oil fast.

Product Dimension

Weight: 20L

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