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Radwag Mass Comparator equipped with Pumps

Radwag Mass Comparator equipped with Pumps

The Radwag AVK-1000 is the automatic mass comparator for metrological institutes to maintain their national reference mass standard of 1kg. This comparator is intended to be used for silicon spheres of 100 mm diameter samples. 

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Product Features

• Pressure in the Vacuum Chamber: 10-6 mBar
• For Cylindrical and Spherical Mass Standards
• Compares Mass Standards of Class E1, 100g and 1kg
• Equipped with a Weighing Pan to Eliminate Eccentricity Errors

Product Details

The Radwag Mass Comparator comes in different models for specific requirements. Get a quotation to know which fits your requirement.

Product Dimensions

Maximum Capacity [Max]: 1002g
Readability [d]: 0.1 µg
Standard Repeatability [Max]: 0.5 µg
Standard Repeatability [5% Max]: 0.4 µg

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