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Oberon Super Engine oil Additive A620

Oberon Super Engine oil Additive A620

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The Oberon A620 is an additive that protects your gasoline, diesel, and LPG engines from carbon deposits and gum build up. How it works is it coats the inner layers of the engine’s metal surfaces with a lubricating coat that eliminates existing build up and protects it from happening again.
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Product Feature

• Complete protection
• Improves viscosity index
• Prevents acid attacks
• Reduce frictional drag

Product Details

Keep your engine free from carbon deposit and gum build up with the high-performing additive, Oberon A620. This is a detergent and dispersant with benefits of rust prevention, oxidation build up removal, and sludge deposits prevention.

Product Dimension

400mg, 5kg, and 10kg

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