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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Oberon F808 Multi-purpose Gear Oil

Oberon F808 Multi-purpose Gear Oil

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The Oberon F808 is the multi-purpose water resistant lubricant for demanding conditions. This lubricant has great thermal stability which ensures long service life of gearboxes. Not only that, it has adhesive-cohesive properties to coat metal surfaces to reduce noise under all conditions.
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Product Feature

• Ultra Thermal Stability
• High Water Resistance
• Adhesive-cohesive Properties
• Great Oxidation Stability

Product Details

The Oberon F808 is the lubricant by choice for industrial applications due to its great thermal stability and oxidation stability. It is a great lubricant due to its ability to coat material surfaces with a tough oil film to extend its service life.

Product Dimension

Weight: 5kg, 10kg, & 15kg

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