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PLASTI - THREAD® Premium Grade PTFE Tape

PLASTI - THREAD® Premium Grade PTFE Tape

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Product Feature

• High sealability for environmental protection.
• Zero moisture absorption.
• High chemical purity with 30% higher density than typical tapes.
• 50% more elongation without breaking or tearing than typical tapes.
• Self extinguishing.

Product Details

High Sealability for Environmental Protection

Garlock PLASTI-THREAD® brand PTFE tape for high performance sealing in threaded connections. Designed for pipeline equipment that handle gas, oxygen, water and other fluids in the Chemical, Petrochemical and Gas Industry, Stationery, Energy Generation, Food, Mining, among others. Complies with Standard A-A-58092 (formerly MIL-T-27730A).

Product Dimension

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