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DWR 1500 H1 Rotational Scales

DWR 1500 H1 Rotational Scales

The rotational scales are designed to assist in identifying cylindrical packages that do not meet the set threshold in a production line. It has an accurate system in determining defective goods through its weight. 

It can be set to cooperate with a dosing device with feedback or with a barcode scanner. When installing it, you simply mount it on an existing conveyor system.
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Product Features

• Cooperates with peripheral devices
• Detects line congestion and empty line
• Generate automatic reports
• Built-in line performance meter

Product Details

Automate your quality assurance with the DWR 1500 H1 Checkweigher. This is a mounted rotational device to verify package quality through its weight.

Product Dimensions

• Maximum capacity [Max]: 1,500-7,500g
• Readability [d]: 0,5-5g
• Tare Range: -1,500-7,500g

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