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Krypton International Resources, Inc.

Seed Stay and Grow

Seed Stay and Grow

Seed Stay and Grow is the seed & soil locking technology for revegetation. It coats the seeds with a fine film that reduces moisture loss and protects it from the heat, UV, cold and frost. 

These protection help the seeds to grow and reduce germination loss. It also creates a soil crust to minimize soil erosion aiding the growth of the seeds.
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Product Features

• Bind the seeds in the solution and secure it to the ground to promote faster growth
• Forms a crust on the soil surface that still enables water to penetrate and the soil to breathe
• Minimize erosion until the seeds germinate and the vegetation takes over

Product Details

Seed Stay and Grow is diluted in the water and then sprayed onto the surface to be treated. It can be used in a standard watering equipment or hydroseeding equipment.

The solution protects the seed from erosion and encourages germination and seed growth.

Product Dimensions

200L, 400L, 800L, and 1,000L

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