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Bruker Tracer 5

Bruker Tracer 5

The Bruker Tracer 5 is a point and shoot XRF spectrometer with a non-destructive method of testing. It is portable, handheld device that analyzes elements and samples with its SharpBeam™ Optimized Geometry. It offers excellent precision and produces a sharp and defined measurement spot. 

Not only that, it comes with an integrated camera to provide sample visualization and alignment during testing. 


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Product Features

• Rh Target X-Ray Source with Interactive Control of Current and Voltage
• 3mm and 8mm, Selectable Measurement Spot Size
• Internal Camera Setup
• SharpBeam™ for Analysis Precision

Product Details

Product Dimensions

Dimension: 27.3cm x 9.4cm x 29.5cm
Weight: 1.9kg
Display: 9.4cm

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