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Radwag Ultra-Microbalances

Radwag Ultra-Microbalances

The Radwag Ultra-Microbalance UYA 2.5Y is the tool to use for high-precision mass measurement. It is an innovative balance with the ability to eliminate the risk of temperature changes through its automatic adjustments. 

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Product Features

• Automatic, Draft-Proof Weighing Chamber
• Lowest Minimum Weight [USP] 0.3mg
• Lowes Reading Unit [d] of 0.1 μg

Product Details

The Radwag Ultra-Microbalance comes in different models for specific requirements. Get a quotation to know which fits your requirement.

Product Dimensions

Maximum Capacity [MAX]: 2.1g
Minimum Load: 0.01mg
Readability [d]: 0.1 µg
Tare Range: -2.1g
Dimension: 413 x 262 x 184

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