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Ammonium Test

Ammonium Test

The test is suitable for determination potentially harmful pollution in surface and ground water, which are caused by ammonium compounds. Depending on the pH level ammonia is formed, which is a potent toxin for fish. In agriculture the MQuant® test strips can be used to measure the ammonium nitrogen content of various types of manure and compost after sample preparation. Using these test strips, the ammonium concentration is measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the reaction zone on the test strip with the fields of the color scale. All necessary reagents for the test are already included for a fast and easy analysis. The test strips are perfect for pre-testing a sample in an economic and quick way to estimate the ammonium concentration and a possible dilution factor prior to using a quantitative method such as a Reflectoquant® and Spectroquant® test.


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